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Professional Business Cards are an essential first marketing step of any business with an immense range of beneficial outcomes. Your cards have a huge impact on the success of the venture long-term and are far more than a device to carry your name and details.

Business Cards are your personal company representative to clients, customers, staff, management, investors, shareholders, partners, associates, peers and the general public most of which have had no prior interaction with your company.

Your cards enhance your Corporate Identity or Brand, increase income, enhance productivity, increase exposure, provide a marketing avenue, enhance confidence, recognition, respect, competitive advantage, perceived value and consequently increased value of the entire company.

Avize Business Card

AVIZE Business Card Design and Development

AVIZE prides itself on creating the very best in unique custom cards which expound all the benefits of business cards and are accurately designed to gain the very best outcomes for your company or product.

The powers of a well-designed business card should never be underestimated. Business cards are the only marketing material that not only is retained by your clients/customers but can even be actively sought out.

Having a highly professional custom developed card will provide a lasting impression and motivation to engage your company and also target your ideal customers, clients gaining the best outcomes from all the benefits a great Business Card can contain. Every element of an AVIZE business card is researched from the fonts, colours, imagery, layout, typography and words used to create the ideal engagement from your customers, clients and the general public.

AVIZE’s Professional Business Card Benefits

  • Unique Design not a generic template redesign
  • Enhanced Valuation of Company and its Goods and Services
  • Designed from your Corporate Identity to extend and enhance
  • Details Viewable at a glance from Company and Individual and Contacts
  • High Attention detail for close examination by customers/clients
  • Several Designs and Layouts per Card
  • Three Complete Revision Cycles
  • A range of Special Effects to enhance your Business Card
  • Premium Printing Quality
  • Premium Stocks and Card Finishing
  • Card Layout Poster (free)
  • Card provided in Digital Format for Press (free)
  • Card provided in high resolution Format (RGB, CMYK) (free)
  • Card provided in low resolution Format (email, website) (free)
  • Card added to the AVIZE directory (free)
  • Competitively Priced starting from $330 (design and development)
  • Included in various Avize packages (link)

AVIZE’s Design Team Operations to accentuate all card Benefits

  • Custom Design by a professional team
  • Comprehensive Design Process
  • Designed to reflect the entire company, staff, products and strategies
  • Designed as a central marketing strategy
  • Development Research and Consultation
  • Analysis of positioning, competitors and target markets
  • Visually engaging to the targeted audience
  • Exceptional quality and detail Design for Press output
  • Best implementation research and analysis
  • Aimed at a competitive advantage for your company
  • Designed to represent your company product to people who have not had previous interactions
  • Ties in perfectly with other AVIZE services and packages

Professional Business Card Portfolio

Here is a few examples of AVIZE Custom Business Cards.

Business Card Example
A full Business Card Portfolio can be found here.

AVIZE Professional Business Card Outcomes

Increased Sales/Clients

  1. increased direct referrals
  2. support word of mouth advertising
  3. facilitate repeat business
  4. advertise to new clients with no previous interactions
  5. retained advertising material and business contact points
  6. can contain direct links to purchasing goods/services
  7. promote your website or other marketing links
  8. promote alternative products and services
  9. improved access/contact with your company/product
  10. Improve client/customer loyalty

Increased Productivity

  1. improved employee company bond
  2. increased staff company confidence
  3. increased confidence in sales staff pitches
  4. facilitate contact with potential staff
  5. encourage ideal staff to approach your company
  6. gaining business partners/associates

Increased Exposure/Indirect Sales

  1. increase/enhance Identity/Brand Exposure
  2. expound your tag line and other key advertising hooks
  3. Advertise your unique selling point
  4. Professional representation of your company and its products/services/staff/ethos.
  5. Facilitate client/customer memory of your company
  6. Provide motivation for client/customer to deal with your company
  7. Enhance personal link between company/client or customer

Business Benefits

  1. Increased perceived value of goods/services
  2. Provide contact points for you, your staff and your company
  3. Promote qualifications otherwise unknown
  4. Increase client/customer association/recognition with you and your staff
  5. Increase entire company value

AVIZE Professional Business Card Prices

AVIZE Product Price (ex GST)
Single Sided $300
Double Sided $500
Special Effects (Spot Varnish) $75/side
Half-Hourly Rate $75

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Functional Design

AVIZE specialises in functional design. Every tiny aspect of a project is analysed to enhance the entire business.

Functional Design
Project Support

AVIZE will not only provide exceptional outcomes but will provide life support to ensure all potential gains are fulfilled in the future.

Functional Design
Business Development

AVIZE assists Business Growth through Identity, Branding, Stationary, WebSites, Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.

Functional Design
Project Support

AVIZE works with you to decide on what directions will best inspire the attainment of your business visions.


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